Why Businesses Need to Track Their Inbound Calls

Inbound call tracking is a great method your business can utilize in order to optimize your business for success. While having a great website, measuring online traffic analytics, and tracking click conversions are important for tracking the effectiveness of your business strategy, they do not paint the complete picture. Tracking inbound calls offers many benefits such as increasing your ROI, keeping track of customer feedback, and optimizing your marketing strategies for mobile devices.

Track Inbound Calls to Increase Your ROI

One of the most important aspects of optimizing your online marketing strategy is knowing which advertisements are leading to new customers and conversions. However, it can be difficult to know which ads are resulting in inbound calls.

Tracking inbound calls is a perfect solution to this problem. Call tracking software can help you track where your inbound calls are coming from and where these customers got your business’ phone number from. This helps to more accurately calculate a campaign’s ROI by pinpointing exactly which advertisements are producing the most leads and generating the most revenue.

Record Valuable Feedback

Call tracking and recording also provides the benefit of being able to gather feedback from your customers, which is very valuable.

First of all, customer feedback can be used to create more compelling content for your website and marketing campaigns. Feedback can help you understand what drove these customers to call you in the first place, and how you can apply this information to your other marketing materials.

Furthermore, tracking customer phone calls can help you keep track of which customers are truly interested in your product or service so that you can focus your efforts on them. As a result, you will spend less time working with clients who are not likely to lead to conversions.

Lastly, call tracking and recording allows you to hear the conversations between your customers and employees. This can help you develop better customer service strategies, and provide better training to employees in order to help them achieve higher conversion rates.

Optimize Mobile Conversions

According to WordStream, men and women aged 18-29 have 92% adoption rate of mobile. Furthermore, mobile has officially surpassed desktop in web usage and searches. In the wake of this increased usage of mobile devices, inbound calls from mobile devices have increased as well. Mobile users make up approximately 48% of all inbound calls.

Inbound call tracking can help you understand how many of your customers are mobile users as well as if and how you should be adjusting your marketing strategies to accommodate mobile users. By adding a ‘click-to-call’ button to your homepage and mobile advertisements you can help encourage mobile users to continue to pursue their interest in your products or services.

Tracking your inbound calls is crucial if you want to ensure you are getting the most out of your business’ marketing strategies. In order to completely understand the impact of your advertising campaigns, you need to know what happens to your customers once they go offline. By neglecting to track your inbound calls, you are failing to optimize your business plan for success. Call tracking and recording is a great way for any business to increase conversions, optimize ads, and gain a better understanding of their core demographics.