The Ultimate List of Inbound Call Tracking Platforms

In this present world where people want to achieve more and more in a small amount of time, they look for best opportunities in least investment. All the marketers and call centers in this world full of hustle look for the best softwares that would helps lessen their work with efficiency. Inbound call tracking platforms provides such platforms that help in attributing the inbound calls back to their sources. They help them by generating different local numbers for advertisement purpose or some of them can provide with international and toll free numbers as well, these numbers helps in pay per call campaigns and keywords and the organization is able to track their performance, as to which source is generating more calls. Many more products are also provided to the clients as per their demands or looking at their interests.

Best Inbound Call Tracking Platforms

Here is a massive list of the best inbound call tracking platforms that you can use today:


Ringba is a platform that is known for its inbound call tracking. the tracking it provides its customers is by far the best in the industry. Ringba captures all native caller data about your customers in a beautiful reporting interface.

It deals with all the call tracking and provides the users with a detailed report regarding the conversation and the caller. Users can use this information to build a targeted campaign in the future. Ringba has many other features which makes it unique amongst others.

Ringba | Enterprise Call Tracking Software


A well received software among customers. Especially useful for the marketing, sales teams, marketers and digital agencies. It is a platform that provides its customers with call analytics, tracking and attribution. Some of its many features include: call attribution, marketing attribution, customer journey optimization, IVR etc.

DialogTech: AI Call Tracking & Analytics for Marketers


Another one of the best softwares present today is CallRail. It is best because of how easy its setup is and in a competitive price provides with a very detailed inbound call tracking data. This is best for the data-driven marketers. This also cloud based call tracking platform and helps in keeping an efficient and accurate record and reviews of the phone calls. Recording of calls makes it easier to measure quality leads. Its features can also help in managing multiple clients.



It is a very convenient wireless voice over IP (VoIP) option available for business as a mobile phone application. It also provides its customers with local and toll free numbers for business. Its main features include; an auto or predictive dialer, computer telephony integration (CTI), call recording, call conferencing, an auto attendant and workforce scheduling as well. Its auto- attendant is even able to forward calls.


It is another one of the best softwares which is especially famous among the startups, agencies and enterprises. It has some amazing features for tracking and recording calls. Its other features include; call recording, lead distribution, auto-dialing, lead capture, call list management and performance management.

RingDNA: Inside Sales Software for Salesforce – Sales Acceleration


It is a platform for business communications which provides its users to track their phone calls for multiple applications. The users benefit from its call recording feature and many other features which are; recording of phone calls, monitoring of call quality and testing marketing campaigns as to how good they are doing.

PhoneWagon | Call Tracking Software For Marketers To Track Metrics


Marchex is the best because it converts at a much faster rate hence driving more calls, also, made it easy to collect data of the calls. Its call tracking features include: call recording, call routing, caller identification, conversion tracking, voice recognition and keyword tracking. Their fast and efficiently built software provides a strong connection between the two parties, helping the agencies or companies to optimize their advertising and marketing investments to get more and more customers.

Marchex: The leading provider of Call Analytics & Call Tracking …


CallFire is known for its call tracking tools. It is another cloud based call tracking software that is mostly used by call centers as its features are regarded best for them. These features along with call tracking includes: developer API, voice broadcast, text messaging and IVR. These features help build an insight of the campaigns that a company launches. This allows them to look as to which of their campaign is actually working and driving more and more calls.



When it comes to inbound call tracking, Convirza provides its customers with the best call tracking, call analytics and optimization tools. In addition to these basic features it has many advanced features as well like “whisper messages” this basically informs the agent about any important information regarding the caller they are going to be connected with.

Call Tracking Metrics & Measurement • Convirza


It is a decent inbound call tracking software that also provides its customer with local, toll free and international business numbers. They provide one of the best call recordings and tracking.

Powerful Call Tracking Software | Telmetrics | Call Tracking for …


CallSource is another call tracking software regarded best in its features. Not only the call tracking is better its users agree that it has a very good lead management. These advance technology along with the help of an expert analysis improves the ROI (Return of Investment). One of its famous features is its registered CallShield which is a cloud based service that blocks all the attempts of telephone hacking and spam calls automatically.



Invoca is an inbound call tracking platform that has enabled companies and agencies to gather up data through call tracking and also provide actionable insights from the calls to utilize them. The company or agency uses this information to optimize/ maximize their revenue.

Invoca | Call Tracking & Analytics – 1-888-989-4996

These platforms are not only beneficial for companies, agencies or call centers but it has made things easier for the customers of these companies, agencies and call centers as well. It provides them with a much personalized experience and makes them feel comfortable as well.