How to Convert More Inbound Phone Calls from Your Website

Gone are the days when people used to be focused upon the form filling and download for capturing leads and data related to leads. The new age has begun already, the age of automatic machine procedures, everyone specifically marketers are using their online websites as the major weapon for capturing leads though, inbound phone calls are still viewed as one of the most important and high quality leads.

Why you may ask? An inbound call means that the customer that is calling you not just mistakenly clicked a button on your site but because they had a great intent of buying your product or because they were interested in your product and want information regarding it. Even the potential customers that are calling you may not want to fill forms and other such things. So, make your website as appealing as you can. Your website is the number one thing that they see and it is your first impression of them.

You primary focus should be on the generation on a call because after they call you it is mostly up to your sales person to convert them. But many people might not know the key for Conversion Rate Optimization for Inbound Phone Calls through website and we are here for that only.

Following are some of the most effective ways and things you can do that are guaranteed to up your inbound phone calls.

Make Your Number Visible for the Visitors!

If there is one thing that you might want to do is to make your contact info as prominent and visible to the visitors as possible. You can put your contact information at the top of your website. This may seem like a basic approach but this is one of the most important things to do that people are always forgetting about while making a website.

Also you can add the timings that your agents answer the calls next to your phone number, much like the times displayed on a restaurant door so that people won’t be hesitant to call even on late hours if you function at that time. Make it available for people what you are selling and when you are selling.

Local Phone Numbers

People often find it frustrating to call on unfamiliar numbers as they don’t know who may answer them and when people call they want a personalized experience.

Make a local phone number available for your customers. It is a common sense kind of thing that people tend to lean towards the familiar things so rather than calling an unfamiliar number they are more likely to call you through your local phone number.

Also, it is reported that the conversion rate of local phone number is higher than that of numbers starting for 0800 etc.

Make Your Phone Number Your CTA

Another important thing is your click to action should be your phone number. This will definitely have a major impact on the number of inbound calls you are getting.

You can also make two different landing webpages for the desktop and mobile users. Though, we all know that click to call is mainly effective for the mobile users but there is a huge percentage of people that search through their mobile phones than their desktops now. So don’t miss this opportunity.

Also, make your CTA as pleasant and appealing as you can. This means you can add colour to it or add some attractive texts according to the product you are selling, make borders around it etc. these things catch people’s eyes and once noticed half of your job is done.   

Use the Sticky Header

You often have been on a site where when you scroll down a wide portion of the site doesn’t move up but moves along with the page a as you further browse the site. You can use this to your aid and include your phone call number here.

In a research it was found that about 40 percent people found this to be helpful while they were browsing on a site for something they wanted.

Add Click-to-Call Feature

People would get attracted to your site and business more if you make the procedure from online to offline source easy for them.

This is most effective for all the mobile users as all they have to do is click and they would get connected to you with in a flash.

This is being used by almost everyone no matter if they own a big business or a small business because there is hardly anyone now who doesn’t own a cell phone. This little convenience would make wonders with your inbound calls volume.  

Other Places Your Visitors Might Look in For Contact

You can add your phone number in the page’s footer as it is seen many people are familiar with this pattern and may find it easily.

You should also put your phone numbers in the contact page of your site because many of your visitors might be straight forward and busy and instead of browsing the page for finding a number to contact you they would directly go to your contact page for it.

You should also add your contact information to your Facebook profile if you have any because many people may come across your page on social media but without your number on it anywhere only a very small percentage would convert or call to your business.

You can also add your number in the footer of the emails sent by your agents or employees.

Make Specific Pages for Different Locations

If you own a business that has several branches in different cities or areas or countries then make sure that your website have different specific pages for each of your locations and don’t forget to add the local number for that location in the pages.

This may seem like you are overwhelming your potential customer with your phone numbers everywhere but we think these steps are important if you want to optimize the conversion rate from inbound calls. And if not all you can choose some of them and implement it on your website. Remember, the easier it is for them to find your number the quicker they would call you!