Top Industries that benefit from Inbound Call Tracking

Inbound call tracking and everything which is related to call tracking. Call tracking ensures that you leads bring rich business to you and you have a better understanding of your clients.

What is Inbound Call Tracking?

Increase in smartphones has resulted in more phone calls and the respect phone calls always deserved is now being given to them. We never did realize how important phone calls can be to our business or to the digital marketing world. Call tracking works on basic principle of analyzing phone calls your business receives which help you work on your marketing campaign.

Record, make and analyze your phone calls using call tracking softwares. Get to know the perfect and most successful keywords for your local or international business.


Inbound Call Tracking is not only for call center whereas even a lawyer can use to improve his advertisements online. Inbound Call Tracking softwares work with keywords, which keywords are successful and then they improve your ads online. They even trace the calls back from the first click which resulted in the customer to be at the page where they needed to be to call you. Google Adwords, Television commercials, social network promotions etc.


Call tracking softwares help pay per call advertising to manage and unhook their results and magnify their own marketing campaigns. Pay per call are comparatively expensive than pay per click ads but more efficient. The plus point of pay per call is that it has a unique number that can be traced without any online service, so it can also be amalgamated with Televisions and other primitive marketing ways, as it concerns a phone number rather than an URL. The consumer is charged for the call, not the customer.


There are several more metrics which help your business grow wider and channels to make your marketing strategies more firm. Most importantly, call tracking softwares help you to understand better ROI (Return on Investment). The better you know, the better you invest and the more you grow. Do visit for more information about call flow optimization and other queries related to call tracking softwares and call analytics.

Analyzing Customer Behavior

Studying your customer is very important. Which locality do they belong to? Which gender do you interact with? Which age group do they belong to? What kind of interests do they have? And many more analysis that needs to be done for the proper ads to reach the targeted audience on social forums. Call tracking gives you solution to everything, starting from the period of calls customer did, time before they became skeptical or became annoyed. All your calls are about to be answered!

Intelligent Call Flow Optimization

Call flow optimization enables you optimize your call flow which results in maximum yield on every call. Businesses nowadays need to optimize their call flow structures. We live in a world where time is more important than anything. Business owners do not realize how important call flow optimization is. The wait before the call is answered by your representative is a critical time for your customer to get annoyed or to get skeptical. Owners do not realize these results in client loss. Customer service is important for any business that has lethal interactions with customers over phone calls. People are more inclined towards a consumer who has good customer service available. If you haven’t optimized your call flow service and you’re losing clients, well the answer is pretty evident.

Your customer should be offered two choices if he has a long queue ahead. You should enable Voicemail service on your phone for your customer, so he is able to deliver what he wants and if the service is quite complicated he should have a choice to ask the representative of your office to give him a call back, this assures the customer that the consumer is in demand, reliable and he has a good customer service environment.

Call Tracking to Boost Your business!

The answer is pretty simple, any business whatsoever which can benefit by recording response of their calls should go for it. However here are some five businesses which can use call tracking to their best benefit.

Dental and Cosmetic Surgeries

So if you’re in New York and your doctor is all the way back in Cleveland, will you drive hours to go see your doctor? Well if I was you I’d look up the best doctor in the city and give them a visit. Google could help me locate a doctor nearby; let’s say I’m looking for the best specialist in orthopedic. Now if you know what way is the best to reach the proper audience and right keyword, you have yourself a new customer!

Legal Advisors

If Advocate Marshall Eriksen knew the right way to advertise himself, I bind a promise that How I Met Your Mother wouldn’t have lasted that long. Business owners need legal advisors for every sort of work, why not advertise or keep your website intact with the best SEO and the best search keywords for online viewers to reach your business!

Real Estate

Now property dealing isn’t a child’s play. It requires a lot of hard work and dedication. How great will it be to enhance your website and drive relevant traffic towards your website and run ads to engage clients? I bet it sounds pretty super to you.

Hotels & Travel

Online booking has done great wonders for you and made your business simpler, right? Well how about engaging twice the customers right now using call tracking?


You can put call tracking to many uses, get to know the neighborhood they’ve been calling from, the kind of payrolls they are on, the kind of grooming do they want and what programs do they want to apply for.


Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore Inbound Phone Calls

Business owners and marketers often ignore their inbound phone calls. That is not a wise business move as inbound phone calls are one of the most important tools that a business can use to maximize its profits.  

With the increase in the number of businesses operating online, one would think that the most successful marketing campaigns must revolve around emails, lead forms and web chat software. However, in actuality, the digital world still appreciates the benefits of phone calls. What’s even more surprising is the fact that they are more significant than ever for driving sales up.

Sources found that in the span of one year, from January 2016 to January 2017, the average length of call time increased by 113%. Obviously, the value of phone calls was increased, and it was proved that customers were interested in having a proper conversation regarding potential purchases. With the rapid expansion of the mobile usage, businesses saw an increase in the amount of phone calls, which resulted in inbound phone calls being 10 to 15 times more likely to convert than inbound web leads. This only shows that calls are still incredibly valuable for improving customer experience and maximizing your ROI.

Whether you go for a call-only ad campaign, a web calling software or a click to call button, inbound phone calls will certainly be extremely beneficial for your business. Here’s why.

Increased Number of Sales

Inbound phone calls result in conversions more often than clicks. This is because people still prefer talking over the phone with an agent over a chat option during a purchase. Therefore, by having a click to call button in your mobile search ads, your sales will definitely increase.

A survey has shown that over 70% of the people who use a mobile device have connected with a business directly through the “call” button they saw on Google results page. This means that you need to offer people an option of a phone call if you want to bring in more sales.

Increased Number of Lead Conversion Rates

No other marketing strategy converts more leads than inbound phone calls. This is because, as the usage of mobile devices has increased so much, it is likely that the viewers of your ads are already using their phones, increasing the chances of them calling you. There are more than 4.7 billion mobile users in the world, so you’re basically targeting over half the world with your ads. The fact that people prefer having their queries answered as quickly as possible these days only doubles the chances of them calling you and making a purchase. So it is not surprising that inbound phone calls are getting more and more profitable for businesses.

Also, pay per call networks do not even require a huge initial capital, so it is fairly convenient for businesses to go for such marketing campaigns. In addition to that, call-only ads not only redirect the customers to your website but also let them connect with you directly.

Better Understanding of Customer Journey

Inbound phone calls are beneficial not only for customers but for marketers and business owners as well. By using call tracking and call analytics, marketers can optimize their lead conversion. Gaining an insight into customer behavior certainly allows you to increase your revenue.

Call tracking gives you an insight into your customers’ purchasing behavior, problems, locations and so much more. This tells you how you can solve your customers’ problems in an efficient manner.

A Better Brand Image

If you want your business to be good enough to be competitive, generating customer trust towards your brand is very important. Modern consumers won’t be loyal to your brand if you don’t make efforts to engage them in the purchasing process and to fulfil their needs.

If your sales agents want to initiate a conversation with the customer that is natural and builds a relationship of trust and loyalty, it is useful for the contact center to establish a conversation framework.

This framework would make sure that all conversations are worked towards reassuring the customer and making them feel like they have made the right choice by getting in touch with you.

Better Overall Customer Experience

Optimizing inbound phone calls lets you concentrate on your customers and their needs even more. Data from call tracking and recording allows your sales agents to improve user experience, identify hesitant customers and motivate them to make a purchase.

Customers call you because they want quick and concrete answers. You can make the customer experience better by identifying the frequently asked questions and training your agents to answer them. So the next time a customer has the same issue, it can get resolved quickly.

Optimization of Mobile Search Traffic 

With a 92% mobile adoption rate for people aged 18 to 29, mobile web usage and mobile searches finally overtook desktop last year. This is making companies re-adjust their marketing strategies to best optimize for smaller devices.

With an increase in mobile usage, the inbound phone calls coming from mobile search were obviously going to increase, and now over 48% of inbound phone calls come from mobile search. So adding a click to call button to your website and ads lets you increase your chances of converting more leads and driving sales up.

The best part is that, through the click to call option in the search results, users don’t even have to go to your landing page to contact you, making it easier to connect with you. The customers who call are the customers who want to buy, so you have to make sure it’s easy for them to get in touch with you.

Increased ROI by Tracking Inbound Phone Calls

It’s great that calls bring in a lot of customers, but don’t you think it would be much greater if you could discover which of your marketing campaigns brings in the leads?

Well, tracking inbound phone calls can give you that as well. Using a call tracking software can help your marketers utilize the newfound data to pinpoint where calls come from and how the customer found your phone number. With this insight, marketers can determine which advertising campaigns and strategies have brought in the most leads and which haven’t been profitable.

In addition to that, tracking and listening to inbound phone calls also lets you keep the performance of your agents in check. If they’re not working up to the set standard, it will provide you with an insight into the weak spots of your inbound call center.

By tracking inbound phone calls, you don’t have to guess anything anymore. You know the customer needs, so you can build a marketing strategy that’s effective and suits your customers’ needs. The marketing strategy that constantly changes according to the customers’ behavior is the best marketing strategy, and tracking inbound phone calls is the best way to achieve that.

Amazing, isn’t it? If you want to track your inbound phone calls then is the perfect place to start. You will find the best pay per call networks from there that will give you the best facilities, making sure that your ROI increases quickly and smoothly.

Why Businesses Need to Track Their Inbound Calls

Inbound call tracking is a great method your business can utilize in order to optimize your business for success. While having a great website, measuring online traffic analytics, and tracking click conversions are important for tracking the effectiveness of your business strategy, they do not paint the complete picture. Tracking inbound calls offers many benefits such as increasing your ROI, keeping track of customer feedback, and optimizing your marketing strategies for mobile devices.

Track Inbound Calls to Increase Your ROI

One of the most important aspects of optimizing your online marketing strategy is knowing which advertisements are leading to new customers and conversions. However, it can be difficult to know which ads are resulting in inbound calls.

Tracking inbound calls is a perfect solution to this problem. Call tracking software can help you track where your inbound calls are coming from and where these customers got your business’ phone number from. This helps to more accurately calculate a campaign’s ROI by pinpointing exactly which advertisements are producing the most leads and generating the most revenue.

Record Valuable Feedback

Call tracking and recording also provides the benefit of being able to gather feedback from your customers, which is very valuable.

First of all, customer feedback can be used to create more compelling content for your website and marketing campaigns. Feedback can help you understand what drove these customers to call you in the first place, and how you can apply this information to your other marketing materials.

Furthermore, tracking customer phone calls can help you keep track of which customers are truly interested in your product or service so that you can focus your efforts on them. As a result, you will spend less time working with clients who are not likely to lead to conversions.

Lastly, call tracking and recording allows you to hear the conversations between your customers and employees. This can help you develop better customer service strategies, and provide better training to employees in order to help them achieve higher conversion rates.

Optimize Mobile Conversions

According to WordStream, men and women aged 18-29 have 92% adoption rate of mobile. Furthermore, mobile has officially surpassed desktop in web usage and searches. In the wake of this increased usage of mobile devices, inbound calls from mobile devices have increased as well. Mobile users make up approximately 48% of all inbound calls.

Inbound call tracking can help you understand how many of your customers are mobile users as well as if and how you should be adjusting your marketing strategies to accommodate mobile users. By adding a ‘click-to-call’ button to your homepage and mobile advertisements you can help encourage mobile users to continue to pursue their interest in your products or services.

Tracking your inbound calls is crucial if you want to ensure you are getting the most out of your business’ marketing strategies. In order to completely understand the impact of your advertising campaigns, you need to know what happens to your customers once they go offline. By neglecting to track your inbound calls, you are failing to optimize your business plan for success. Call tracking and recording is a great way for any business to increase conversions, optimize ads, and gain a better understanding of their core demographics.

How to Convert More Inbound Phone Calls from Your Website

Gone are the days when people used to be focused upon the form filling and download for capturing leads and data related to leads. The new age has begun already, the age of automatic machine procedures, everyone specifically marketers are using their online websites as the major weapon for capturing leads though, inbound phone calls are still viewed as one of the most important and high quality leads.

Why you may ask? An inbound call means that the customer that is calling you not just mistakenly clicked a button on your site but because they had a great intent of buying your product or because they were interested in your product and want information regarding it. Even the potential customers that are calling you may not want to fill forms and other such things. So, make your website as appealing as you can. Your website is the number one thing that they see and it is your first impression of them.

You primary focus should be on the generation on a call because after they call you it is mostly up to your sales person to convert them. But many people might not know the key for Conversion Rate Optimization for Inbound Phone Calls through website and we are here for that only.

Following are some of the most effective ways and things you can do that are guaranteed to up your inbound phone calls.

Make Your Number Visible for the Visitors!

If there is one thing that you might want to do is to make your contact info as prominent and visible to the visitors as possible. You can put your contact information at the top of your website. This may seem like a basic approach but this is one of the most important things to do that people are always forgetting about while making a website.

Also you can add the timings that your agents answer the calls next to your phone number, much like the times displayed on a restaurant door so that people won’t be hesitant to call even on late hours if you function at that time. Make it available for people what you are selling and when you are selling.

Local Phone Numbers

People often find it frustrating to call on unfamiliar numbers as they don’t know who may answer them and when people call they want a personalized experience.

Make a local phone number available for your customers. It is a common sense kind of thing that people tend to lean towards the familiar things so rather than calling an unfamiliar number they are more likely to call you through your local phone number.

Also, it is reported that the conversion rate of local phone number is higher than that of numbers starting for 0800 etc.

Make Your Phone Number Your CTA

Another important thing is your click to action should be your phone number. This will definitely have a major impact on the number of inbound calls you are getting.

You can also make two different landing webpages for the desktop and mobile users. Though, we all know that click to call is mainly effective for the mobile users but there is a huge percentage of people that search through their mobile phones than their desktops now. So don’t miss this opportunity.

Also, make your CTA as pleasant and appealing as you can. This means you can add colour to it or add some attractive texts according to the product you are selling, make borders around it etc. these things catch people’s eyes and once noticed half of your job is done.   

Use the Sticky Header

You often have been on a site where when you scroll down a wide portion of the site doesn’t move up but moves along with the page a as you further browse the site. You can use this to your aid and include your phone call number here.

In a research it was found that about 40 percent people found this to be helpful while they were browsing on a site for something they wanted.

Add Click-to-Call Feature

People would get attracted to your site and business more if you make the procedure from online to offline source easy for them.

This is most effective for all the mobile users as all they have to do is click and they would get connected to you with in a flash.

This is being used by almost everyone no matter if they own a big business or a small business because there is hardly anyone now who doesn’t own a cell phone. This little convenience would make wonders with your inbound calls volume.  

Other Places Your Visitors Might Look in For Contact

You can add your phone number in the page’s footer as it is seen many people are familiar with this pattern and may find it easily.

You should also put your phone numbers in the contact page of your site because many of your visitors might be straight forward and busy and instead of browsing the page for finding a number to contact you they would directly go to your contact page for it.

You should also add your contact information to your Facebook profile if you have any because many people may come across your page on social media but without your number on it anywhere only a very small percentage would convert or call to your business.

You can also add your number in the footer of the emails sent by your agents or employees.

Make Specific Pages for Different Locations

If you own a business that has several branches in different cities or areas or countries then make sure that your website have different specific pages for each of your locations and don’t forget to add the local number for that location in the pages.

This may seem like you are overwhelming your potential customer with your phone numbers everywhere but we think these steps are important if you want to optimize the conversion rate from inbound calls. And if not all you can choose some of them and implement it on your website. Remember, the easier it is for them to find your number the quicker they would call you!

How To Track Your Inbound Phone Calls

You hear a lot about how companies need to use call tracking to see the true value of their marketing campaigns. But what is call tracking, really?

Call tracking measures the impact of marketing efforts on lead generation and sales. It was born from evidence-based marketers’ desire for increased visibility into lead sources. If all leads and sales came from simple online form conversions, it would be easy to know which ads provide the best ROI without any call tracking whatsoever. But for most industries outside of basic ecommerce – including travel, healthcare, automotive, financial services, and B2B technology – the vast majority of leads and sales are generated via the telephone. The reality is that without call tracking, as soon as a lead sees a telephone number in an ad and decides to dial, the insight into the performance of that ad disappears.

How To Track Inbound Phones Calls For Your Business

In this analytics-driven world, a new buzz word has started to take life: Inbound Call Tracking. We are all aware of web analytics and how cookies can track a user throughout  the path-to-purchase. When it comes to online analytics, we ramble on and on. However, when it comes to offline tracking, we are short of words. This avenue is new to the world, especially in India, which is only starting to realize the potential of calls. Here are a few things that the average Indian digital marketer must know about call tracking.

How beneficial is Inbound Call Tracking?

Inives your business the ability to connect online activities with offline activities and offers powerful insights and information about your callers.

This gives you the ability to understand your target audience like never before and optimize your marketing efforts to provide a better experience and improve your ROI.

There are plenty of services for tracking inbound calls. So, before deciding try to choose the one which can provide important services like:

  1. Manage phone numbers – Create local and toll-free phone numbers to track your call marketing campaigns and route your call traffic to target destinations.
  2. Track the source of inbound calls – Call Tracking gives you access to granular insights about your marketing efforts and allows you to see exactly where they clicked to call.
  3. Figure out what is working – With detailed analytics and reports about your call traffic, you can optimize your campaigns and improve your caller experience to earn more per call.
  4. Manage call routing and forwarding – When a customer makes a call to your tracking number, the call is automatically routed and forwarded to the most optimal target.
  5. Record phone conversations – Listen to how calls are being serviced and monitor agent performance.
  6. View reports and optimize in real-time – View reports, dig into call logs and optimize your campaigns using real-time data about you calls.

You can do call tracking for nearly free if you get a few phone numbers and put them on your advertising or landing pages. This won’t tell you much – just that ‘this phone number delivered this many calls.’ It doesn’t scale, as you will find, because you can’t track keywords from search, A/B testing is very manual, and tracking anything more than a couple of dozen campaigns or landing pages is incredibly frustrating and provides limited information.

Call Tracking + Caller ID

There’s some basic call tracking vendors that track the calls in a slightly more sophisticated way than the free version mentioned above, and they’ll provide you with the caller-ID of the caller. Very limited visibility, but a little bit better than ‘free’.

Dynamic Numbers Tracking/Ring Pools

Using a simple line of javascript on every page of your web properties, landing pages, etc., you can insert dynamic phone numbers that automatically populate for each unique visitor. For example, when a new lead hits your website from a search term, a phone number is dynamically populated for that user on that webpage. This lets you track not only the call, but a lot of details – their click path, which keyword they used, even which ad brought them to the site. Typically, the phone number has a ‘session’ and is recycled back into the ring pool to be used again.

Performance Advertising Pay-Per-Call

If you’re using publishers or ad networks to drive leads and you pay them per click, the same applies to calls. But, in order to deploy pay-per-call effectively with performance marketing, you need to be able to track which of your partners drove which call, and what criteria deserves a payout. These systems allow publishers, networks, and advertisers to log in to their own view of a campaign, to agree upon criteria (such as ‘no bidding on branded words,’ or, payout conditions), and to monitor spending levels and fraud. Pay-per-call provides performance marketers another avenue for revenue.

Call Intelligence Platform –  Conversation Intelligence

Once a call is patched from your call tracking system to your call center or sales rep, call intelligence will record the call or ‘listen’ with automated speech to text conversions. Different companies do this part  differently. Some record the call so that it can be played back with an audio transcript chaser – typically for quality assurance or training purposes, or, some allow you to use predefined keywords or phrases that when spoken will automate other activities – such as scoring, routing, or screen pops. The keyword ‘listening’ allows you to better understand the key questions that occur on the call, any mentions of competitors, and even the outcome of the call.

Integrations: AdWords, CRM, Bid Management and Marketing Automation      

Once you have your call tracking and intelligence set up, you’ll want it to integrate with your other key marketing tech. An AdWords integration will give you incredible visibility into how your search programs are driving inbound calls. A bid management integration will make sure to tell your bidding system to bid higher or lower based on call conversions, and integration to CRM will give you and your contact center shared intelligence about the inbound caller for the live conversation and for optimizing future spending. A successful call tracking/call intelligence system will integrate seamlessly into your current technology stack to give you the complete data picture for both online and offline efforts.

IVR/Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response, more sometimes called ‘the phone tree’, prompts your customer for information that you may require. For example, “Press 1 for home insurance, 2 for life insurance, and 3 for auto insurance.” You can also use this to filter calls that may not be from the most qualified lead source. Your IVR serves as a routing service to help navigate your callers to the appropriate department to quickly address their needs. The IVR should be clear and easy to navigate in order to provide a quality caller experience.

Routing and Automated Routing

Once your phone is ringing, you want the best person to answer the call based on the needs of the caller. If your call intelligence software is properly set up and maintained, you should know who that right person is by the time the caller hears the first ring – if it’s an existing customer , your CRM integration can pull up the call record and will automatically direct the call to customer service. If it’s a high value customer, who you’ve scored with real time data appending in your marketing automation solution, then you send the caller to your best rep. If your best rep is busy, the system should be smart enough to know that and route to the next best rep.

Call Analytics & Scoring

Analysis isn’t a luxury – it’s the very reason for call intelligence to begin with. Every company does this differently. Some provide only basic charts or summaries. Some provide a very detailed export. While others provide complete analytics engines. Some provide in-app analytical automation, like scoring. Scoring captures the key elements from a call – where the caller came from, their in-call behavior, the value of appended data or CRM data, and produces a score that helps to priorities routing and other automated functions.


If you’re a small business, you can’t go wrong. Generally, you spend the most that you can to get more capabilities to make better decisions and get more inbound sales calls.

If you’re a medium business or large enterprise, you can’t afford to go small. You will regret it because you will want to upgrade before you know it.


Get integrated with your key marketing and CRM tech from the beginning and get going!

The Ultimate List of Inbound Call Tracking Platforms

In this present world where people want to achieve more and more in a small amount of time, they look for best opportunities in least investment. All the marketers and call centers in this world full of hustle look for the best softwares that would helps lessen their work with efficiency. Inbound call tracking platforms provides such platforms that help in attributing the inbound calls back to their sources. They help them by generating different local numbers for advertisement purpose or some of them can provide with international and toll free numbers as well, these numbers helps in pay per call campaigns and keywords and the organization is able to track their performance, as to which source is generating more calls. Many more products are also provided to the clients as per their demands or looking at their interests.

Best Inbound Call Tracking Platforms

Here is a massive list of the best inbound call tracking platforms that you can use today:


Ringba is a platform that is known for its inbound call tracking. the tracking it provides its customers is by far the best in the industry. Ringba captures all native caller data about your customers in a beautiful reporting interface.

It deals with all the call tracking and provides the users with a detailed report regarding the conversation and the caller. Users can use this information to build a targeted campaign in the future. Ringba has many other features which makes it unique amongst others.

Ringba | Enterprise Call Tracking Software


A well received software among customers. Especially useful for the marketing, sales teams, marketers and digital agencies. It is a platform that provides its customers with call analytics, tracking and attribution. Some of its many features include: call attribution, marketing attribution, customer journey optimization, IVR etc.

DialogTech: AI Call Tracking & Analytics for Marketers


Another one of the best softwares present today is CallRail. It is best because of how easy its setup is and in a competitive price provides with a very detailed inbound call tracking data. This is best for the data-driven marketers. This also cloud based call tracking platform and helps in keeping an efficient and accurate record and reviews of the phone calls. Recording of calls makes it easier to measure quality leads. Its features can also help in managing multiple clients.



It is a very convenient wireless voice over IP (VoIP) option available for business as a mobile phone application. It also provides its customers with local and toll free numbers for business. Its main features include; an auto or predictive dialer, computer telephony integration (CTI), call recording, call conferencing, an auto attendant and workforce scheduling as well. Its auto- attendant is even able to forward calls.


It is another one of the best softwares which is especially famous among the startups, agencies and enterprises. It has some amazing features for tracking and recording calls. Its other features include; call recording, lead distribution, auto-dialing, lead capture, call list management and performance management.

RingDNA: Inside Sales Software for Salesforce – Sales Acceleration


It is a platform for business communications which provides its users to track their phone calls for multiple applications. The users benefit from its call recording feature and many other features which are; recording of phone calls, monitoring of call quality and testing marketing campaigns as to how good they are doing.

PhoneWagon | Call Tracking Software For Marketers To Track Metrics


Marchex is the best because it converts at a much faster rate hence driving more calls, also, made it easy to collect data of the calls. Its call tracking features include: call recording, call routing, caller identification, conversion tracking, voice recognition and keyword tracking. Their fast and efficiently built software provides a strong connection between the two parties, helping the agencies or companies to optimize their advertising and marketing investments to get more and more customers.

Marchex: The leading provider of Call Analytics & Call Tracking …


CallFire is known for its call tracking tools. It is another cloud based call tracking software that is mostly used by call centers as its features are regarded best for them. These features along with call tracking includes: developer API, voice broadcast, text messaging and IVR. These features help build an insight of the campaigns that a company launches. This allows them to look as to which of their campaign is actually working and driving more and more calls.



When it comes to inbound call tracking, Convirza provides its customers with the best call tracking, call analytics and optimization tools. In addition to these basic features it has many advanced features as well like “whisper messages” this basically informs the agent about any important information regarding the caller they are going to be connected with.

Call Tracking Metrics & Measurement • Convirza


It is a decent inbound call tracking software that also provides its customer with local, toll free and international business numbers. They provide one of the best call recordings and tracking.

Powerful Call Tracking Software | Telmetrics | Call Tracking for …


CallSource is another call tracking software regarded best in its features. Not only the call tracking is better its users agree that it has a very good lead management. These advance technology along with the help of an expert analysis improves the ROI (Return of Investment). One of its famous features is its registered CallShield which is a cloud based service that blocks all the attempts of telephone hacking and spam calls automatically.



Invoca is an inbound call tracking platform that has enabled companies and agencies to gather up data through call tracking and also provide actionable insights from the calls to utilize them. The company or agency uses this information to optimize/ maximize their revenue.

Invoca | Call Tracking & Analytics – 1-888-989-4996

These platforms are not only beneficial for companies, agencies or call centers but it has made things easier for the customers of these companies, agencies and call centers as well. It provides them with a much personalized experience and makes them feel comfortable as well.